Scientists have identified the first “solar earthquake” in the solar cycle

دانشمندان اولین «زلزله خورشیدی» در چرخه خورشیدی 25 را شناسایی کردند

Intensifying Solar cycle The current, a tornado formed on the surface of the sun by the strongest Solar flares The last few years have been accompanied by scientists, however, during these events is another of the most powerful solar phenomena, which is the same Solar earthquake Has been observed.

«Alexander Kasovich” From New Jersey Institute of Technology In an interview with Spaceweather “We have just received the first earthquake from Solar cycle 25 We detected that on May 20 2022 From solar flare category X1.5 “It facilitated.”

As the word “seismic” implies, these events are seismic activities on the surface of the sun that are similar to our planet’s earthquakes, except that they are much more powerful. It is worth mentioning that the study of sun earthquakes to understand the relationship between Sunspots And how they produce solar flares is useful.

Additional information about the seismic event

The first seismic event of the year 1996 It has been identified, usually and not always, how many solar flares accompany it and its energy in general 40,000 Equal More than a terrible earthquake of the year 1906 San Fransisco Is.

During this event, the earthquakes move just like a terrestrial earthquake in waves in the inner layers of the sun, but there is a mysterious difference between them because these dense waves before the sudden disappearance, up to speed 402,335 kilometers per hour They are accelerating.

Doppler image recorded by the observatory «NASA Solar Dynamics(Above) can show aspects of these waves that are difficult to see. As you can see, the constant turbulence of the sun’s surface interferes with these waves, which is why the event remained unknown until a few decades ago.

Finally, it should be noted that the sun is going through a cycle of approx 11 years old Is during which the activity of sunspots and flares peaks again before decreasing. Currently, these activities are increasing rapidly and rapidly, and we will see more news in this regard in the coming years.

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