Scientists have increased the power of a new computer by 740% with a new cooling system

دانشمندان با یک سیستم خنک‌کننده کامپیوتر جدید، قدرت آن را 740 درصد افزایش دادند

Researchers new system in the field Cooling They have developed that it can cool electronic devices more efficiently than current methods, and this in turn increases the “power per unit” of the device. 740 percent Will increase.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and the University of California (UC) in their new approach to cooling electronic devices from Copper Have been used as the main material, which compared to other usable materials, Cheaper Is. Then the entire surface of the heat spreaders is completely covered by copper. In fact, no thermal zone of them should be left uncovered.

The main researcher of the research explains:

“We compared our initiative with standard heat sink methods. “The results show that this copper-coated approach can offer very similar or even better thermal performance than current models.”

The difference between the new approach and the current cooling systems

As researchers In their statement, they explain, Current cooling approaches have three main problems. First that Expensive And their development is almost Difficult Is. In this regard, heat spreaders made of diamonds are mentioned, which are obviously very expensive.


As a second case, it is explained that in most existing approaches, the cooling mechanism in Improper position Which, however, are not as effective as the current approach.

For the third case, it is explained that the current heat spreaders can not be installed directly on the surface of electronic devices. In fact, to install them on electrical devices, you must use “thermal interface materials”. According to researchers, this substance has a negative effect on the thermal performance of the device. Also, the removal of the heatsink and thermal interface makes the new innovation much smaller than the current examples, which can be considered by manufacturers.

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