Scientists use ECG to predict the death of patients with coronary artery disease

دانشمندان با نوار قلب احتمال مرگ بیماران مبتلا به کرونا را پیش‌بینی می‌کنند

Researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York have found that by examining the electrical activity of the heart, it is possible to predict which patients with coronary heart disease are at higher risk of death. This biomarker is easily measurable and can predict death a few days earlier.

The researchers used a simple electrocardiogram (EKG) or ECG to examine the condition of 140 coronary patients. they understood The presence of a descending QRS waveform in 74% of cases indicates the deteriorating condition of patients. The marker, introduced by Mount Sinai researchers, is called LoQRS and is said to be a good way to triage patients who are more at risk of dying.

The average death time from the first observation of LoQRS was about 52 hours. “Our study shows that the drop in waveforms on the ECG during the course of Covid-19 disease can be an important tool in helping the treatment staff to better care for patients and allow them to do so,” said Joshua Lampert, lead researcher. Detect clinical changes early and take necessary interventions faster. “By increasing the number of patients and coronary hospitalizations again, the use of ECGs can help hospitals provide the necessary care before the situation becomes too serious.”

Researchers say the use of the LoQRS marker has also been effective in diagnosing the risk of dying from the flu, however, the average death time has been announced as 6 days. Researchers say that therefore, it can be concluded that Covid-19 is a much more dangerous disease than the flu.

Because the LoQRS method can only be used through multiple studies over time, Lambert suggests that coronary heart disease patients be given an ECG as soon as they are admitted. “When it comes to Covid-19 patients, our findings show that ECG scans are not only helpful when you arrive at the hospital, but can also help diagnose LoQRS symptoms in the future,” he said. “If LoQRS is observed, the treatment staff will be able to consider more advanced treatments or transfer the patient to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).”

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