Scientists use new DNA tools to speed up the development of vaccines a million times faster

دانشمندان با ابزار DNA جدیدی، فرایند توسعه واکسن‌‌ها را یک میلیون برابر سریع‌تر می‌کنند

Over the years, due to the spread of the Corona virus, the vitality and importance of vaccines has become clear to almost everyone on earth, and now Danish scientists have succeeded in creating New tool It has been shown to be able to place more than 4,000 different molecules in the area smaller than the needle head for analysis. This can have a huge impact on the field Discover new vaccines Have.

The effect of this tool on the development of new vaccines

According to a press release Published by University of Southern Denmark (SDU), in this method of soap-like bubbles as a dot Nano It is used and is supposed to greatly reduce the amount of materials, energy and economic costs of pharmaceutical companies to carry out their processes at a speed of more than a million times.

Stephen Vogel, SDU Team Leader and Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, explains:

“The technology uses the same DNA identifiers found in all consumer products to trace the identities of all the compounds, reagents and chemical reactions that take place in parallel in thousands of very small nanoreactors.”

To achieve such progress, areas such as artificial biochemistry, nanotechnology, DNA synthesis, hybrid chemistry, and even machine learning have been used, eventually opening up new frontiers in Small chemistry And biochemistry It becomes.

Nikos Hatzakis, head of the group and associate professor of chemistry, explains:

“No single element in our method is completely new, but they have never been integrated in such a way.”

Researchers predict industrial and academic groups that synthesize long molecules such as Polymers Will probably be the first to use this method. Finally, this method can be further integrated and it is possible to directly add the relevant program to it.

If this tool is used extensively, we may be able to produce vaccines more quickly in the face of subsequent epidemics to prevent deaths. Although the process of developing the corona vaccine was much faster than in the past, millions of people still died from the disease. Therefore, the development of such tools is very important.

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