Scientists used Crisper technology and genetic manipulation to prevent the corona virus from multiplying

دانشمندان با فناوری کریسپر و دستکاری ژنتیکی مانع از تکثیر ویروس کرونا شدند

Scientists have used CRISPR gene-blocking technology to prevent the corona virus from replicating in infected cells. This method is currently successful in laboratory tests and is to be tested on animals soon.

A group of Australian researchers in an article whose results are published in the journal Nature Published, they say, using “Crisper” technology, which allows the manipulation of DNA sequences and modification of gene function, have been able to prevent the replication of SARS-CoV-2. Using the CRISPR-Cas13b enzyme, which binds to the RNA sequences of the corona virus, the group was able to destroy the genome needed for the virus to multiply in host cells.

It has previously been shown that Crisper technology can be used to remove genetic codes that can cause cancer in children. “Once the virus is found, the crisper enzyme is activated and kills the virus,” said Sharon Levine, lead author of the article.

This technique has also been successful in preventing the proliferation of disturbing species of the corona virus, including the alpha species. However, Levin has stated that we are probably still years away from launching such a method of treatment with Crisper technology. He believes that the best treatment is to take oral antiviral drugs, which can be prescribed to the patient as soon as Covid-19 is diagnosed.

However, such an approach requires an effective, inexpensive, and safe drug. Levin and his team hope to one day achieve this with genetic engineering. “The present study shows us the potential of using Crisper technology in the treatment of other viral diseases,” said Mohammad Fareh, another author of the article. “It turns out to be a good medicine for many viral diseases, including the flu, Ebola and maybe even HIV.”

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