Scientists want to bring extinct woolly mammoth back to life

دانشمندان می‌خواهند ماموت پشمالو منقرض شده را به زندگی برگردانند

New life sciences company says new technologies can kill extinct Woolly Mammoth Brought back to life. Colossal, which works with Harvard University’s Department of Genetics, says it uses a model to revive extinct or damaged species to have a positive impact on climate change.

Colossal CEO and co-founder Ben Lam has said that humanity has never been able to use this technology to rebuild ecosystems, heal the planet and preserve its future by rebuilding extinct animals. In addition to restoring extinct ancient species such as mammoths, the technology could also be used to preserve endangered species or animals that have been killed by humans.

Woolly mammoths were more common in the polar regions and coexisted with early humans, who hunted cold-resistant vegetarians for food and used mammoth ivory and bones as tools.

The animals became extinct about 4,000 years ago, and for decades scientists collected pieces of mammoth ivory, their bones, teeth and hair to retrieve and determine DNA. The Colossal says it has collected the remains of these creatures at the pole that remain intact, and now from their genomes can be created the hybrid animal of elephant and mammoth. The company says Asian elephants and furry mammoths have 99.6 percent similar DNA.

Harvard University professor of genetics and one of the company’s executives, George Church, uses pioneering techniques, including CRISPR technology, to study extinct species. “The technology that has been discovered and the big vision ahead of it, namely the walking of furry mammoths, can create very important opportunities in nature conservation and beyond,” he said. Extensive migration patterns of woolly mammoths are considered important for the preservation of the environment and the Arctic. “Animal revitalization can revitalize polar grasslands and combat climate change.”

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