Security researchers report malware in APKPure Android Market

Security researchers report malware in APKPure Android Market

APKPure is a popular app and marketplace among Android users to install older versions of apps outside of Google Play. Now, according to security researchers, this app contains malicious ads that cause unwanted ads on the victim device.

According to Recent Report Kaspersky Lab, one of the newest versions of the APKPure Android app, 3.17.18, contains malicious code that receives user data without their knowledge and uses it to display ads in the lock screen and background. Such scams increase the revenue of adware operators.

But that’s not the whole story, because according to security researchers, this malicious code also has the ability to download various malware. This feature puts users at greater risk and can cause them a lot of trouble.

APKPure developers appear to have added this malicious code to the SDK or software development kit through an unverified source. With the release of such a report, APKPure decided to remove this malicious code and released a newer version of 3.17.19 for users, as well as other news about the previous version on their website. It is not visible.

APKPure was launched in 2014, which allows users to access a wide range of Android apps and games. Older versions of apps are also available to users through them, apps that are not available in some areas and in the official Google Play Store.

After a while, the developers decided to release an Android app that should also be downloaded and installed outside of Google Play. The app provides users with an app store where they can download and install old apps directly on their Android device. Due to these problems, if you are an APKPure user, download the latest version to avoid being exposed to malware as well as adware.

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