Sega’s interest in making film adaptations of other company franchises

Sega's interest in making film adaptations of other company franchises

Following the success of the movie adaptations of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, SEGA has announced that it is interested in seeing other franchises of the company appear on the silver screen. The third part of the Sonic movie will be released in the fall of next year.

Haruki Satomi, CEO of Sega Sammy, and Kochi Fukazawa, the company’s chief financial officer, hinted at the possibility of non-Sonic movies in the coming years. They also unveiled the company’s April financial report and said:

If the opportunity arises, we want to try challenges outside of the Sonic franchise on the silver screen. If we can match the release time of our games with the release time of their movie adaptations, it will be very effective from a marketing point of view. This action brings significant benefits; As the audience’s awareness of IPs increases. We achieved this success with the release of Sonic movies.

Making film adaptations of Sega products; Release time of the third part of the Sonic movie

Part I Sonic the Hedgehog movie It was released in cinemas around the world in 2020 and managed to sell more than 320 million dollars. The sequel was released in 2022 and grossed over $405 million. It should be noted that the movie Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in December 2024 It will be released. SEGA also wants to produce a television series of the character “Knuckles” (Knuckles) that narrates the events between the second film and the third film.

Sega's interest in making a movie adaptation

The Super Mario Bros movie is another successful adaptation of the computer game industry, which was made by the Illumination animation studio. This animation was recently able to sell more than 1 billion dollars achieve and become the best-selling video game adaptation in the history of cinema. The home network version of this movie was released in US stores today.

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