Selling a special version of the “Apple 1” computer for $44,000

Selling a special version of the "Apple 1" computer for $44,000

As you know, old Apple products are usually very attractive to buyers. Now one of these devices has been sold at a price of about half a million dollars. A working version of the Apple 1 computer, also numbered by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is up for auction this month. for $442,118 It was sold. This figure was even higher than the estimated sale price of $375,000.

“Apple 1” computer

In 1976, only 200 examples of the Apple 1 computer were produced by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and now it seems that only 60-70 of them remain. This makes the Apple 1 one of the best collectibles for Apple fans. Apple 1 #78, which sold for $44,000 at RR Auction, was still not out of business. This device was restored to its original state in 2018 by Apple expert Corey Cohen.

This product comes with a letter confirming the authenticity of Steve Jobs’ handwriting on the board. Additionally, the Apple 1 computer came with the original Apple cassette interface, the original instruction manual, an additional ASCII keyboard produced at the same time, and a Sanyo 4205 openframe monitor.

Selling Apple 1

Apple 1 computers have sold for up to $815,000 in the past, depending on the device’s history and condition. The most expensive version sold to date was the Apple 1 Celebration. This particular version uses a blank green PCB board that was not sold before and was not part of the known production.

At RR Auction, along with a numbered Apple 1 that sold for more than $440,000, a NeXT brochure signed by Steve Jobs went for $18,210, an early 1988 NeXT computer went for $6,094, and an Auburn University football signed by Tim Cook. Sold for $5.

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