Send an earthquake warning message to users – first mobile network hack, technical problem or human error!?

Send an earthquake warning message to users - first mobile network hack, technical problem or human error!?

A few hours ago, an earthquake warning message was sent to the phones of some users inside Iran. Apparently, the seismological center had no role in sending this message, and the Khabar network announced that the reason was hacking of the mobile network.

according to hardwaremag; A few hours ago, some mobile users received an emergency earthquake alert on their mobile phones, telling them to stay calm and find shelter nearby. Apparently, this message is not true, and the country’s seismological center has not registered an earthquake of significant intensity in the past hours.

Hacking the first mobile network is not true!

Shortly after sending this warning, the country’s seismological center denied this news and stated in its statement that no unusual situation related to the earthquake had been observed until the moment of publishing this announcement.

After the publication of this message, the Khabar channel announced in the subtitle of its programs that “following the hacking of the mobile phone network, an earthquake warning message has been sent to the citizens. This message is fake, don’t leave your homes.”

Send an earthquake warning message to users - first mobile network hack, technical problem or human error!?

This is while the head of the regulatory organization rejected the possibility of hacking in this field and called it a “technical issue” in the Mobile First network. Mohammad Amin Aghamiri denied the claim of the Khabar network hosts about hacking due to the installation of malware and free anti-filter on the phone (!) and said:

“The regulatory organization monitors mobile and fixed operators 24 hours a day. As soon as this message was published, the network was investigated and we declare that no hacking or information leakage has taken place and sending this message has nothing to do with malware. “If the source of this message was intrusion or hacking, its behavior in the network would be clear and the technical officials would be aware of it.”

On the other side of Machera, the Deputy Minister of Interior claimed that this warning was caused by a human error in the First Companion company. In an interview with Khabar, Majid Mirahmadi stated that this message was caused by human error in the research and development unit of the first mobile phone and the team was working on the project to publish this message, which caused this mistake.

The deputy of the non-functional defense organization also repeated the statement of the deputy minister and added that this message was mistakenly sent to the entire network instead of being sent to 20 phones. He said that whether the message was sent intentionally or accidentally needs to be investigated and additional news about it will be announced later. Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, has also ordered to follow up on the issue and deal with possible culprits.

The first companion response to the earthquake warning

First Companion announced by sending a message to its users that “if you have received an earthquake warning message, this message is not true”. The director general of First Mobile Communications also apologized to the subscribers who received this message in a conversation with Khabar network and rejected the possibility of hacking and intrusion, saying that human error occurred.

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