Seven thousand children will receive the corona vaccine in the clinical trial phase

Seven thousand children will receive the corona vaccine in the clinical trial phase

The modern pediatric vaccine enters the second and third phases of clinical trials. In this phase, 6750 healthy children aged 6 months to 11 years are expected to receive the vaccine for children in two doses.

Moderna is the first manufacturer to test its vaccine on infants and children he does. American and Canadian children are expected to receive the first stage vaccine in different doses from 50 to 100 micrograms according to their age. After 28 days, the children who received the first dose will be ready to receive the second dose again.

The vaccine dose is lower for children under two years of age. Keep in mind that the adult vaccine dose is 100 micrograms and children are said to need a lower dose. The exact dose has not yet been discussed. After reviewing the results of the first dose, it will be determined at what dose the children participating in this clinical trial will receive the second dose vaccine.

In this study, volunteer children will be monitored by specialist doctors and their health status will be monitored remotely. Parents are asked to notify physicians immediately if they notice any symptoms.

“Stephen Bansell, the CEO of Moderna, says:

“This study will help us better assess the safety status of volunteer children after receiving the corona vaccine.”

One of the main goals of vaccinating children is to increase their immunity to the coronavirus. The effectiveness of the vaccine is determined by reviewing and over time. Some pediatricians believe that clinical trials of pediatric corona vaccine should not be delayed, and that such studies are very important.

The news comes as Moderna’s CEO said in late December that the company would soon begin research into the production of Covid-19 vaccine for children. However, he pointed out that the results of this research will not be known until 2022.

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