Sharp company is making the LCD of the new Nintendo console

Sharp company is making the LCD of the new Nintendo console

The recent words of the CEO of “Sharp” and the available records suggest that this company is making the screen part of the new console of “Nintendo”. This news has also been confirmed by the “Bloomberg” media.

According to Bloomberg media reporter, “Robert Wu”, the CEO of Sharp Company during the company’s financial meeting on May 11, announced that the said collection will be completed in the current fiscal year (until the end of March 2024). Production lines of LCD panels for a new gaming console will launch it as a test. He says about this:

I cannot give details about our special customers at this time. However, we are currently working on a new console and are in the research and development phase.

Sharp company’s long-term cooperation history in the manufacture of Nintendo console LCD

Since Sharp has a long history of working with Nintendo, it’s highly likely that Wu’s words are entirely related to the company’s upcoming console. Sharp has previously been a partner and partner of Nintendo in the development of LCD screens for the Nintendo DS console, as well as the assembly of the Switch.

Sharp manufactures Nintendo LCD consoles

Of course, “Nintendo” has not yet published official information about its future console. According to the latest information, Nintendo is not planning to unveil its new hardware until March 2024. The company announced in its financial report that sales of the Nintendo Switch have decreased significantly, but a project called Nikkei is under development, which is most likely related to the upcoming Nintendo console. According to the forecast, this console will enter the markets in the spring of 2024.

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