Show news and weather is added to the Windows 10 taskbar

Show news and weather is added to the Windows 10 taskbar

Shortly after testing News and Interests for Insider users, Microsoft will start offering this feature to regular users in a few weeks. The new Windows 10 tool provides shortcuts to the Windows taskbar or taskbar, giving you quick access to the weather, reading the latest news, sports scores, and corporate stock prices.

If from This shortcut Click on one of the news, the page related to that news opens in your device browser. In addition, you can save the news to read later. It is also possible to share news through this feature. There is currently no trace of ads in this tool, which is a positive thing.

Obviously, you can specify your favorite topics in this tool to show them related content. In addition, you can tell Windows from what source you want the content to be displayed to you. Microsoft has also allowed you to change the icon of this tool in your taskbar or disable it completely if you do not want to use this tool.

The company says that by offering this new feature, it pursues several different goals. First, it wants to make it easier for users to access and find quality news. In addition, for Microsoft, people are constantly following the news on a daily basis, so why not make it easier for them? Through this window, people can also access the weather, to see everything together and together.

News and Interests will be released in the next few weeks. Microsoft says it will make this feature available to users with a multi-step publishing approach, so it will take some time for its public release and not all users may have access to this feature in a few months.

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