Shutdown of Huawei business in Russia due to fear of further sanctions

Shutdown of Huawei business in Russia due to fear of further sanctions

According to the latest news, the company Huawei Recently, due to the concern of further Western sanctions, it deactivated its business unit in Russia, and probably the telecommunication equipment of this company will no longer be officially sold in Russia. The Russian newspaper Vedomosti said in its report that Huawei’s business unit sells storage systems and telecommunications equipment to its customers in Russia, and this business unit is scheduled to be dissolved on January 1 next year, approximately 10 days from now.

In this regard, it is reported that about 2,000 employees of this business department in Russia will be transferred to other Huawei offices in other countries, or otherwise they will be fired. The report also states that Huawei will maintain the office of this business unit in Moscow and that the company will be ready to return in the event of a possible end to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

However, the company’s research and development center in Moscow will not be affected, and they will also continue to work on projects such as 5G, computer vision and virtual reality. Huawei was hit with tough sanctions by the Trump administration in May 2019 and has been struggling for business survival in the global and smartphone markets ever since.

Huawei Russia

In this regard, by stopping sales in Russia, Huawei is seeking to further reduce possible sanctions, and in this context, it was reported that in April, the company suspended its contracts with Russian operators. Huawei is also spinning off its corporate operations in Russia and Belarus, the Commonwealth of Independent States that broke away from Russia with the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

The company reportedly moved some of its employees in Russia to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in September. In March of this year, China announced in an official position that it opposes the illegal sanctions of the United States and its allies against Russia, and these sanctions have also affected some Chinese companies operating in Russia.

DJI, the famous company that sells civilian and video drones, also suspended the sale of drones after Russia’s military attack on Ukraine. In another news about Russia, it is also clear that this country cannot get processors designed by itself from foreign factories, and this news can be very bad, especially considering the ban on the import of Chinese Longsoon CPUs to Russia.

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