Shuttle CEO: Changes in the volume and price of Internet packages are minor and within the law

مدیرعامل شاتل: تغییرات حجم و قیمت بسته‌های اینترنت جزیی و در چارچوب قانون است

The CEO of the shuttle, despite criticism from some customers on social media that the internet costs of the Internet provider have risen, insists that there has been no new change in the base package rates. He says that the slight changes in the price and volume of some packages were not related to the base packages and were made within the framework of regulatory rules; However, in his view, the issue of pricing in the competitive Internet market should be removed from the current situation.

In recent days, there has been a wave of protests by social media users against the increase in the price of Internet tariffs, some of which have targeted the shuttle. Users say that the increase in the cost of the shuttle Internet occurred without prior notice and contradicts the statements of the Minister of Communications, who recently announced that the service providers will be dealt with if the internet tariffs are increased. However, the shuttle CEO says the changes have been within the rules.

An example of a tweet protesting the shuttle

In an interview with Digito, Ahmadreza Nakhjavani, CEO of Shuttle, explained how the increase in Internet prices was, and in response to a question about the reason for the increase in Internet tariffs, he emphasized that the shuttle had never violated the regulatory commission’s legal approvals:

“Before answering this question, it is necessary to first say that the company, as a holder of a fixed-line license, if it wants to change the price of its services, the changes must be exactly in accordance with the legal approvals of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and in general Have the necessary permissions. “In all the years the shuttle has operated, it has been nothing more.”

Nakhjavani also referred to the unimaginable economic pressure imposed on them, saying that they nevertheless kept their base prices stable last year:

“With this introduction in mind, and with the unimaginable economic pressure on the company, we have seen changes in the price of complementary services, not our base prices, last year. “In fact, the price of the company’s basic services, known as bronze services with a 98% access rate, has been defined exactly in accordance with Resolution 266 of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and has not changed over the years.”

Nakhjavani says they have not changed the size of the packages, and attributes the reason that some users say the volume of the packages has changed to what they have done to the packages in the past:

“Perhaps the only issue that raises the issue of volume change is that in the past we added 5% of traffic for a while and only to the margin of services to create a margin of confidence in user traffic calculations, which with multiple audits, we thought about this issue. It was easy, and on the other hand, to explain this complexity to users and add extra margins was a problem that we decided to remove, and of course I reiterate that according to the law, the licensee is free to set the traffic or fair consumption threshold for each Internet service. “It’s fast.”

Shuttle and AsiaTek internet costs
Shuttle’s CEO had previously said in an interview with Digito that they were trying to control Internet spending and had priced according to regulatory guidelines all year.

Shuttle CEO: Our complementary services have increased prices, not basic services

The CEO of Shuttle announced that users’ complaints about the price increase were related to non-basic shuttle services that have additional services. “Probably what has been said about the price increase is other shuttle services or services that have additional or ancillary services such as face-to-face support, higher accessibility, priority in response, etc., and users can,” he told Digito. “They can use it depending on the need and only if they wish, and the use of these services is completely optional.”

Nakhjavani emphasized that this price increase took place in October 2016 and before its application, the approval of the regulatory organization was received for it: “Shuttle launched its services at new prices for a while from the beginning of October 2016, but with Aiming to co-operate with the ministry and avoid creating a climate created by price changes by mobile operators at the time, it refused to continue selling and advertising for several months, and since the end of last year, has been offering services at newly approved prices. “It resumed.”

Shuttle CEO Changes in the volume and price of Internet Shuttle CEO: Changes in the volume and price of Internet packages are minor and within the law 3

Regarding the complaints of users on social networks, Nakhjavani acknowledged that perhaps what has occupied the minds of users and their complaints reach the shuttle, is the reduction of promotions or auctions during traffic sales:

“In previous years, depending on financial resources and technical facilities, discounts were considered in the sale of traffic packages. This year, the number and amount of incentive discounts on these packages have decreased. “And it was equivalent to two thousand tomans per gigabyte.”

Shuttle CEO: Prices in the Internet market must be competitive

The shuttle CEO also complained about the poor state of prices and the stabilization of their orders. Asked if they were making a good profit at the current price of the internet, he told Digito:

“Unfortunately, the situation in this area is extremely chaotic. In a country with rampant inflation, one can expect what price stabilization will bring to the industry, if you can still judge the state of fixed-line companies. “What if prices were to be fixed on an orderly basis, why not all goods and services in the country?”

The CEO of Shuttle said that they have submitted several financial reports to the regulator and their only demand is that the price of Internet services in the market should be competitive:

“In various financial reports to the Radio Regulatory Authority, we have reported a catastrophic situation and a 40 to 50 percent increase in costs such as manpower, equipment, etc., and we have only one request to allow the price of Internet services in a competitive market and Like many other industries. Whenever necessary, take a look at decades of world experience as a tool to reduce prices, develop and strengthen supply, and orderly pricing management seeks to harm the entire industry, divert resources, and ultimately deprive users of the right services. It will not have.”

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