Signal messengers filtered in China

Signal messengers filtered in China

According to Several reports, Users in China can not use signal messengers, however, this application is still available in the Apple App Store in this country.

The Beijing government has not yet issued a statement on blocking or blocking signal messengers in China, but the program’s website has been unavailable since Monday. Users in China could not use the Google Play Store, but they were able to download the Android version of this secure messenger from its site. Except for the Chinese government, the signal did not react to such an incident.

According to users, the verification code of these messengers is not currently sent to them in China. Due to this issue, new people can not be added to this app and use it. Some users can still access the app using a VPN. The signal still appears to be working in Hong Kong and has not yet been made available to users in the area.

Signal app downloads for iOS in China exceed 500,000, which is insignificant for a country with a population of 1.4 billion. However, the growth of these messengers may have worried Chinese officials. The signal is highly secure and supports universal encryption, so its communications cannot be easily monitored.

With the announcement of WhatsApp policy changes, these secure messengers received a lot of attention and millions of users migrated to it all over the world. The migration went so far that WhatsApp decided to postpone its new policies for three months. Many celebrities, from Ilan Mask to Jack Dorsey, encouraged users to do the same.

The Beijing government and signal are expected to issue a statement on the situation in China soon to determine the fate of the messengers.

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