Significant melting of the world’s second largest ice sheet following a heat wave

ذوب قابل توجه دومین پهنه یخی بزرگ دنیا در پی موج گرما

According to Danish researchers, the resulting heat wave has caused the temperature of the “Great Greenland Glacier” to be more than 10 degrees above its seasonal normal, which has led to significant melting.

The Polar Portal website, run by Danish researchers, Reported Greenland, which covers much of the Arctic, has melted about eight billion tons a day since Wednesday, more than double the average during the summer. The Danish Meteorological Institute also reported temperatures of more than 20 degrees Celsius in northern Greenland, more than double the average temperature.

In addition, Nerlrit Inat Airport, located in northeastern Greenland, recorded a temperature of 23.4 degrees Celsius, which is the highest record recorded by it.

With a heat wave sweeping most of Greenland, researchers at the site say Greenland ice is melting rapidly, creating enough water to cover the US state of Florida. Although the largest melting point of Greenland’s ice surface dates back to the summer of 2019, it now covers more area than in the past two years.

With nearly 1.8 million square kilometers, Greenland Glacier is the second largest freshwater ice mass on Earth, with only Antarctica being the largest.

The melting of Greenland ice sheets began in 1990 and has accelerated since 2000. Researchers say large chunks of the ice have been lost in recent years, almost four times as much as before 2000. If the Greenland glacier melts completely, it will raise the Earth’s oceans by six to seven meters. Its melting period is expected to continue until mid-September.

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