Simultaneous two events in one day; Huawei’s new tablet will be introduced at the same time as Apple’s spring event

Simultaneous two events in one day;  Huawei's new tablet will be introduced at the same time as Apple's spring event

Huawei plans to unveil its new tablet by holding an event on April 20, the same day that Apple’s next event will be held under the slogan “Spring Loaded”.

Apple recently announced the time for its next event, which is likely to unveil the latest iPad models at the event. But at the same time Huawei for the first time from its new tablet Will unveil. However, the timing of these events may be purposeful, and the Chinese company appears to be confident in its future tablet.

The new Huawei tablet to be unveiled at the event will likely be the recently rumored Mitoped Pro 2 with a Kieran 9000 processor. The tablet also has a large 12.2-inch OLED screen from Samsung and supports 5G network.

It is very likely that Huawei will use its proprietary operating system, HarmonyOS, for this tablet. Recently, there have been rumors about redesigning the user interface of this operating system, which seems to be partly inspired by MacOS.

Apple will also introduce its new products on the same day at 21:30 Tehran time by holding an event. In addition to the new iPad models, one of the other products that may be unveiled for the first time at this event is the Irtag smart tracker. The 14-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon processor is another device that has a chance to attend this event. Apple and Huawei events will probably be completely virtual and without audience.

Unfortunately, there are no more detailed details about the Matepad Pro 2 tablet at this time. Therefore, we have to wait for the event on April 20, so that the conference of both companies can be held and more information about these products will be published.

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