Singapore develops its mobile defense systems with Ghost Robotics

سنگاپور سیستم‌های دفاعی متحرک خود را با Ghost Robotics توسعه می‌دهد

The Singapore Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) has partnered with Philadelphia-based startup Ghost Robotics to identify uses for various robots for security, defense and humanitarian purposes.

They are also looking to test and develop mobile robotic systems and related technologies that can be used in urban areas and harsh environments. The joint statement also said that the partnership would also make Ghost Robotics compatible with the DSTA C3 command, control and communication system.

Singapore Government Agency Announced C3 capabilities are the neural center of military platforms and command centers, using data analysis, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technologies to coordinate and be more effective in this type of military operation.

The C3 robotic system also has the ability to simultaneously control and monitor several unmanned ground and air systems, although for some missions it can provide a general situation such as monitoring in crowded urban environments.

With this partnership, DSTA and Ghost Robotics can test and develop “new technologies and applications” for four-legged unmanned aerial vehicles that integrate with multi-axle controllers. These controllers increase the way independent vehicles interact with the environment and the objects inside it. Power technologies, such as solid state batteries or fuel cells, can also be applied to robotic systems for longer periods of time.

“Roy Chan, DSTA Executive Vice President and Director of Singapore Land Systems, said:

In a world where technology is evolving rapidly, close collaboration between organizations is essential to creating innovative solutions. In collaboration with DSTA and Ghost Robotics, we hope to advance robotic capabilities to defend and shape the battlefield in the future. We imagine that robots will one day become our best defender and are used to carry out more dangerous and complex operations in difficult areas.

According to Ghost Robotics, the company’s four-legged unmanned aerial vehicles are designed for unorganized terrain where a conventional wheeled device cannot work efficiently.

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