SK hynix introduced the fastest mobile RAM memory named LPDDR5T

SK hynix introduced the fastest mobile RAM memory named LPDDR5T

SK hynix of “the world’s fastest mobile RAM” which LPDDR5T is named, unveiled. The “T” here stands for “Turbo” because the new RAM chips are 13% faster than LPDDR5X RAM, which has recently been used in flagship and high-end devices.

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LPDDR5T mobile RAM runs at 9.6 Gbps compared to 8.5 Gbps for LPDDR5X and 6.4 Gbps for the original LPDDR5. At this speed, the new RAM can transfer 77 GB of data in just one second.

LPDDR5T is the upgraded version of LPDDR5X

Note that the 5T is not a new generation of DRAM, but an improved version of the same 5X. In this product, the chips are made based on the 1Anm process, the fourth generation of the 10nm node, and use the HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) process, which reduces energy consumption and increases speed. HKMG for DRAM chips was first introduced by SK with its 5X chips last year.

LPDDR5T mobile RAM memory

The company has already sent samples to partners that include 16GB multi-chip packages. In fact, they have combined several LPDDR5T chips in one package. SK hynix plans to start mass production of LPDDR5T mobile RAM memory in the second half of 2023. Although these fast RAM memories will soon enter mobile phones, the company will also pursue programs in the field of artificial intelligence and AR/VR.

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