Snap security service was also launched for drivers

سرویس امنیت اسنپ برای رانندگان هم راه‌اندازی شد

By announcing that drivers will be able to use the security service, Snap announced the activation of this service in the latest Android version of the Snap application.

Snap After providing “security service” on the passenger application, it has designed a similar feature for the driver application, which has been activated on a trial basis for a number of users in the latest Android version.

Using this service, the driver user can notify the Snap Travel Security team with the touch of a button that they need immediate intervention from the team, the police or the emergency services.

Snap, an interface platform

Snap As an intermediary platform between two groups of users, passengers and drivers, it has tried to design solutions to ensure security. The most important of these solutions is the ability to quickly contact the security team while traveling.

Traveler users using the travel security service can quickly notify the security team experts about their situation by making a phone call or sending a message without waiting in the support response queue. Also, have a safer trip by using other features of this service, including sharing travel details and live location.

Now, after providing the travel security service in the passenger application, this feature has also been activated in the application for the safety of driver users.

No need for a phone call, just a touch of a button

The security service of the driver application is designed very simply so that in an emergency situation, driver users can request help from the security team by just touching a button without the need for a phone call. After boarding the passenger and starting the trip, the “Travel Security” option will be displayed on the right side and at the top of the screen in the form of a blue shield.

Touching the blue shield of “Travel Security” will open a screen with the “Emergency Report” notification button at the bottom. By touching this button, security team experts will receive the user report of the driver and contact him. These experts are specially responsible for dealing with special cases, and upon receiving the initial history of the driver user, they can share the details of the trip and his location with the police or emergency services if needed.

These experts will continue the support process until the safety of the driver is ensured or the case is referred to the police and emergency services. Also, the driver user can see the process of handling his report in the application.

Only in emergencies!

The most important thing that driver users should know about the travel security service is its permitted use. People may have a different definition of “emergency situation”, but in the classification of user reports in Snap Support, emergency cases are considered in which the safety and health of the user is threatened and endangered, including accidents, physical conflicts, The possibility of theft and verbal threats. As a result, experts who receive security service reports will not handle non-emergency questions and issues, such as payment problems, change of destination or items left in the vehicle.

In addition, the use of this service for such cases interferes with the response process of the security team, and the number of unrelated requests prolongs the processing time of acute cases, which can cause physical or psychological harm to other users.

Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of the travel security team’s response and reduce unrelated calls, a deterrent rule has been set, according to which, if an unrelated and non-emergency report is registered, the driver’s user account will be disabled for 24 hours.

The permitted use of the service as well as the warning of deactivation in case of registering a non-emergency report are recorded in the description of the security service in the application so that users can use this service with full knowledge of the conditions and rules.

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