Sony has acquired the Nixxes gaming studio

سونی استودیو بازی‌سازی Nixxes را خریداری کرد

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it has recently acquired full ownership of the Nixxes game development studio with more than 20 years of experience in game development. Sony’s recent move could play a significant role in increasing the number of PlayStation exclusive games.

Nixxes Studio is now being added to the PlayStation Collection gaming studios and can use Sony’s proprietary technologies to create quality titles. Herman Hallst, head of PlayStation Studios, said of Sony’s recent deal:

“I have a lot of respect for the Nixxes and look forward to working with their experienced team to become part of Sony’s interactive entertainment developer community. They are very interested in improving the games and providing the best possible experience for gamers. “This studio will serve as a very valuable asset in Sony’s studio suite and can help our team focus on very important goals, including providing unique content of the highest quality possible for the PlayStation.”

Nixxes Studios has been operating as a Dutch collection since 1999 and is headquartered in Utrecht. They specialize in gaming ports for different platforms, but game design and development can also be seen in their to-do list. Among the works of this studio, we can mention the Xbox 360 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider. They also collaborated on the Marvel Avengers project.

Financial details of Sony’s recent deal have not yet been released Is. It looks like Sony plans to take over more studios in the future. Some unofficial reports indicate that Sony is in talks with Bluepoint Games, which has a history of developing a remake of Demon’s Souls. Sony Interactive Entertainment recently expanded its PlayStation Studios list with the acquisition of Finnish company Housemarque.

The rivalry between Sony and Microsoft in the release of exclusive games has intensified in recent months. For the first time in many years, Sony has released proprietary PlayStation titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone for Windows through the Steam and Epic Games stores, and plans to add more to its support list in the future. Slowly

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