Sony has unveiled four new Bluetooth speakers at various prices

سونی از چهار اسپیکر بلوتوثی جدید با قیمت‌های متنوع رونمایی کرد

Sony has just unveiled four new Bluetooth speakers, one of which is small and the other three are available in different shapes and sizes.

With its new speakers, the Japanese giant wants to add new energy and quality to the showcase of its music products. Below is a brief look at Four new products We will set up this company and introduce them to you.

Sony XB13

Sony XB13 is one of the best small and expensive products on the market. This speaker is the size of a human fist. It has a speaker groove on the top of the device. The XB13 is available in Black, Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Orange. This device is made of plastic and metal and also supports IP67 standard.

The XB13 has a battery life of about 16 hours and is connected to a USB-C port. The speaker easily connects to iOS and Android devices and is available for $ 58.

Sony XP500

Sony Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony XP500 is a great speaker for parties, with Mega Bass producing very good middle and low volume. With the help of Sony Music app, you can change the EQ of this device and even access the configuration of tweeters and its two X-Balanced speakers.

At the top of the XP500 are two LED lights that align with the song being played. This product has IPX4 standard and its battery life reaches 20 hours. The XP500 is charged with its own interface and has only one port, which is useful for a microphone or guitar. Sony sells this product for $ 348.

Sony XP700

Sony Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony XP700 is a large speaker the size of a trash can with a USB-A port, two guitar ports and a microphone. This speaker can be quickly connected to Android products and supports IPX4 standard. Sony has promised that the XP700 will have a battery life of 25 hours. This wireless speaker retails for $ 448.

Sony XG500

Sony Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony XG500 is a very lightweight Bluetooth speaker with two built-in tweeters and two X-Balanced speakers. The battery life of this device is 30 hours and with 10 minutes of charging, you can use it for another three hours. The XG500 is IP66 waterproof and retails for $ 448.

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