Sony has unveiled the Xperia View VR headset for $ 260

سونی از هدست اکسپریا View VR با قیمت ۲۶۰ دلار رونمایی کرد

During the unveiling of its new products, Sony, along with the introduction of the Xperia Pro Pro-I camera-oriented smartphone, used the Xperia View VR 2K resolution virtual reality headset for both eyes when paired with the Xperia 1 and Xperia 1. Mark 2 unveiled.

Sony has previously introduced the PlayStation VR headset, but the company is the first Xperia-branded virtual reality headset Is introduced. The new headset is not standalone and requires an Xperia smartphone to fit in. Hence, it bears the name of Xperia.

The Xperia View VR headset only supports Sony Xperia One Mark 2 and Sony Xperia One Mark 3 and is designed to be fully compatible with them. Sony claims that with this virtual reality headset, VR 8K HDR videos can be viewed. However, given that these phones offer a maximum resolution of 4K, such a claim seems to have only a marketing aspect.

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The Sony Xperia Virtual Reality Headset offers a 120-degree viewing angle, and its lens has a hybrid structure with high focus efficiency. It is also equipped with a function to adjust the distance between the lenses, which can adjust the position of the lens and the image display according to the distance between the eyes.

The process of installing a headset is relatively simple. Users can easily open the front cover of the headset through a dedicated lever and place their mobile phone in the relevant section and then close it.

Sony has a dedicated app for the Xperia View that displays a list of apps compatible with the Xperia headset and other content in VR mode. Users can also play content stored in internal or external storage directly.

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Working with the Xperia View VR headset is very easy thanks to its notches and direct access to the dedicated Xperia 1 and Xperia 1 3 buttons, eliminating the need for a separate controller and allowing users to move the cursor with the volume buttons. Select the camera button.

The headset is available at Sony’s official store in Japan and the Au online store for 29,700 yen ($ 260). There is no news about the global release of this headset yet.

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