Sony nostalgic walkman turns 42 years old

واکمن نوستالژیک سونی ۴۲ ساله شد

It’s been 42 years since Sony released its first Walkman portable music player, and no one could have imagined technology advancing to this level in less than half a century.

42 years ago, Sony’s first Walkman was released on July 1, 1979. Sony CEO Masaru Ibuka, who was passionate about music and traveling, needed a lightweight, portable device for his travels so he could take it with him to record audio on trips.

Until then, Masaru Ibuka used heavy stereo tape recorders for his travels. The initial thought of Walkman’s development came from his need to have a portable device on the go. About four months later, the first Walkman device was produced, and Sony was not very sure if it would sell well.

For this reason, it decided to launch only 30,000 Walkman machines in the first phase. At that time, Sony did not have a clear plan for selling the Walkman, and the device was strategized with the company’s young engineers. But something interesting happened, and all 30,000 Walkmans were sold out in less than three months.

It should be noted, however, that Sony was not the first company to produce a portable audio system, and in 1954, the first portable transistor radio was introduced. But some of Sony’s Walkman features made it more popular among users. Users could easily charge the Walkman with two AA batteries. The device weighed about 400 grams and had the ability to play cassette tapes and listen to favorite music, so that Sony could launch user-friendly products at that time.

Undoubtedly, Sony Walkman has been able to create good memories for users over time. Today, however, smartphones and other modern devices have taken over the market extensively and with incomparable features.

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