Sony’s PS5 console will be placed in Honda’s car

Sony's PS5 console will be placed in Honda's car

Sony and Honda are preparing conditions where they can with Putting Sony PS5 console in Honda car Prepare the conditions for future self-driving cars and special features. Most likely, a PS5 console will be included in their upcoming (entertainment-focused) electric vehicle to challenge Tesla cars.

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Sony PS5 console in Honda car

Speaking to the Financial Times, Izumi Kawanishi, chairman of the joint venture committee between Sony and Honda, said that Sony may technologically integrate the PlayStation 5 platform into a car it plans to build with Honda.

You must remember that last year, Tesla launched its latest Model S and X models with larger horizontal displays and added an AMD RDNA 2 graphics chip to these cars. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that during the test period of this car, their console was able to literally appear at the level of PlayStation 5.

More than a year after that Mr. Fringe show, Mr. Musk’s promises for big games like Cyberpunk 2077 and a demo for Steam in August have yet to materialize, and the most notable release for the console is the original 2D version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

But Sony is not just looking to inject games and entertainment into a car like Tesla. Yasuhide Mizuno, president of Sony Honda Mobility and chief executive of Honda Motor Company, said:

The plan is actually to develop the car as the hardware that will support the entertainment and networking that we want to provide. In fact, it is a means of consuming content and entertainment on four wheels.

Another part that Sony and Honda Mobility have to solve in order to reach their goal is the self-driving part of their desired car. “To enjoy the space in your car, you have to make it a space where you don’t need to drive,” Kawanishi said.

That’s a big part of why Sony and Honda teamed up earlier this year. The former not only brings the entertainment and software needed to deploy this, but also the sensors and technology needed for self-driving, while Honda clearly has a knack for building cars. Together, they hope to catch up with other automakers’ systems, such as Tesla’s Vision-based self-driving, which is in beta on more than 160,000 cars today.

Sony's PS5 console will be placed in Honda's car

But Tesla has its own problems in launching its autonomous systems. So you have to keep in mind that God of War Ragnarök is still years away from being played on the dashboard of a Honda car, as Sony and Honda are considering the first delivery of the car in North America (which is yet to be announced). not named) in early 2026. It seems Sony has been showing off concepts since 2020, when it unveiled its Vision-S 01 concept and SUV version 02 at CES 2022.

The Vision-S was developed in collaboration with Magna and featured two 200 kW motors that could propel the car from zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Around the car, Sony had more than 10 image sensors, plus LIdar, radar, and ultrasonic devices, and at least nine displays scattered throughout the car.

Sony's PS5 console will be placed in Honda's car

Sony and Honda will do their best to make their first stand-alone electric entertainment vehicle a unique product in the automotive space. This trend follows the trend of other automakers trying to get owners to spend more time inside their cars.

Whether or not people actually want to spend more time in cars remains to be seen, but if Sony brings the PS5 console inside these cars, it’s likely to have more game time than the B-game options that BMW comes with. .

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