South Korea launched its first rocket satellite into space

کره جنوبی برای اولین بار یک ماهواره را با راکت ساخت این کشور روانه فضا کرد

South Korea It took an important step towards becoming one of the nations with space technology, as it was able to launch a cargo satellite into space using a rocket built entirely by Korean engineers and designed.

According to the New York TimesRocket 200 tons «Optical»(Nuri) Which is also called «Korea space launcher carrier 2Is also known as, by Korea Aerospace Research Organization Developed and recently launched in addition to an operational satellite, an imitation satellite is also up to altitude 700 km Raised.

It is worth mentioning that this launch has been expected from this country for a long time. South Korea launches its first satellite of the year 2013 Launched into Earth orbit but rocket «Naroo»(Naro) Used in this project in collaboration with Russia Was made.

In general, the path of making a light rocket for South Korea was not smooth at all because the initial test of this rocket in October 2021 It began to rise and move into orbit, but the defect in the oxidizing tank resulted in the premature loss of fuel and the imitation satellite could not remain in orbit.

Rocket made in South Korea

It should be noted that the successful launch is the first significant step in the development of South Korea’s space program. Optical rocket, 4 throws Trial The other over the years 2023 until the 2027 Will do.

On the other hand, the rocket validation payload will be present in future test launches because it will play an important role in approving equipment in future satellite missions. One of these missions is to launch a spy satellite to monitor North Korea Is.

South Korean-made optical rocket launcher

However, South Korea’s long-term space plan includes building a more powerful rocket that bears similar performance to unmanned satellites, possibly up to a year. 2030 Will be ready to use.

In the end it should be said that South Korea with the recent launch to the sum of countries America، Russia، China، France، India And Japan They have similar space technology, which is helping South Korea reduce its dependence on US rockets and satellites.

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