SpaceX breaks Falcon 9 rocket reuse record

SpaceX breaks Falcon 9 rocket reuse record

SpaceX continues to reuse the first phase of the Falcon 9 rocket and wants to launch 60 Starlink satellites in booster number 1051 in a few hours. This action is a record and the company is managed by Ilan Mask For the eighth time Will use this rocket.

SpaceX has made great strides in the field of aerospace and has been able to break several records, and now with its future launch, it breaks the record of using the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket several times. The company wants to use at least the first phase of the Falcon 9 rocket 10 times by the end of this year.

The first phase of the Falcon 9 rocket, which is used in today’s launch, last completed the “Sirius XM-7” mission on December 14th and put it into orbit. Now SpaceX wants to use it again after 38 days, which is significantly different from the previous interval of 51 days. This reflects the efforts of SpaceX engineers to learn the best techniques for retrieving and reusing rockets.

SpaceX initially wanted to launch its new satellites on Monday, but delayed it by 24 hours due to inclement weather. However, this launch did not take place on Tuesday and was postponed to today due to further investigations. Of course, we do not know if further investigations will be related to the rocket itself or its cargo.

Today’s launch will be the 16th launch of Starlink operational satellites. SpaceX is now the largest satellite operator in the world, and with the new mission, the number of satellites sent will reach more than 1,000, although some of them are no longer operational.

The company launched a general test of Starlink satellite internet last year and is expected to reach more countries by the end of 2021. Certainly, with the increase in the number of satellites in space, the performance of the company’s satellite internet will improve.

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