SpaceX launched two payloads of Starlink satellites in less than 24 hours

اسپیس ایکس در کمتر از 24 ساعت دو محموله ماهواره‌های استارلینک را به مدار فرستاد

In less than 24 hours, SpaceX launched the second payload of Starlink satellites into orbit and successfully landed the first stage rocket on its offshore platform. In this mission 53 Starlink satellites They were sent into space with the Falcon 9.

Two-stage rocket Falcon 9 It was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 1:10 a.m. Sunday. The first stage rocket of this mission is approx 8.5 minutes Then return to the ground and on the Just Read the Instructions platform landed. According to the plan, the satellites were to be placed in orbit one hour after launch.

The launch this morning was the second Starlinck launch mission in two days. SpaceX Saturday morning this week 53 other satellites Was launched again with a different Falcon 9 rocket from the Vandenberg space base in California. The rocket of the first stage of this mission also landed successfully on the ground.

SpaceX used a new Falcon 9 today

Saturday morning throw the fifth The flight of this special rocket was Falcon 9. But the rocket that was fired this morning, for first time He was on a space mission and had not left Earth before. With these two missions, SpaceX has gone through a busy calendar since the beginning of 2022. The company this year so far 20 orbital throws 13 of which were related to Starlink.

SpaceX so far more than 2500 The Starlink satellite has been launched into orbit and plans to launch many more satellites. According to the company’s correspondence with the US government, Ilan Mask intends to eventually 30 thousand The satellite is deployed in orbit.

The company recently tweeted that their satellite internet service is now available in more than 30 countries and that many users use the service daily. Apparently, the problem of dish delivery has been largely resolved and there are no more delays of several months.

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