SpaceX launches DOGE-1 satellite in 2022

اسپیس ایکس ماهواره «DOGE-1» را سال ۲۰۲۲ به ماه می‌فرستد

All costs related to the project called “DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon” are to be paid through Dodge Quinn. Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), in partnership with SpaceX, plans to launch a 40-kilogram satellite called “DOGE-1” to the moon for further exploration and research in the first quarter of 2022 using the Falcon 9 rocket.

Dodge Quinn, the controversial Ramzarz that has attracted a lot of attention these days, ‌ Is supposed It really’s going to take months, and GEC is going to pay for SpaceX with Dodge Quinn.

SpaceX accepts Dodge Quinn, and DOGE-1 satellite launch costs are paid monthly exclusively with Dodge Quinn ciphers.

Dodge Quinn, a cryptocurrency that has not received much attention in the past and was even referred to as a joke, has been able to show itself well among cryptocurrencies in recent months with its upward and growing trend.

“The mission will take the cryptocurrencies beyond Earth orbit and establish interplanetary trade,” said Tom Ochinero, SpaceX’s vice president of commercial sales, in a statement noting that SpaceX would accept Dodge Quinn.

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When Ilan Musk tweeted on April 12 that Dodge Quinn had been sent to the moon, many thought it was an April Fool’s lie. But today, with the release of the new news, Ilan Mask is apparently not kidding and really intends to send Dodge Quinn to the moon.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Ilan Musk has shared several tweets about Dodge Quinn, and many say his tweets are causing the Dodge Quinn market to fluctuate.

The price of this cryptocurrency has increased significantly in recent days, reaching over 70 cents. This made many people wait for the price of one dollar, but this did not happen and yesterday the price of these cryptocurrencies experienced a sharp drop.

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