SpaceX will no longer produce Crew Dragon capsules

اسپیس‌اکس دیگر کپسول‌ Crew Dragon تولید نخواهد کرد

Apparently the company SpaceX No longer intends to produce capsules Dragon Which does not have to be used to transport astronauts to the International Space Station or vice versa, and instead wants to focus on reusing the four capsules in its fleet.

according to report Reuters، «Govin ShatolSpaceX executives have stated that the company intends to produce components Crew Dragon Continue to renovate them and only make more capsules if needed.

The capsules were the first spacecraft built by SpaceX and owe their design to the Dragon Cargo Capsule, which was used to supply the International Space Station. SpaceX capsules from the time of introduction in the year 2020 During 5 A separate mission has taken humans into space, and one of these trips is a private mission Inspiration4 Was funded by «جرد ایازاکمنThe billionaire was funded.

Details of stopping the Crew Dragon capsule and SpaceX’s future plans

It should also be noted that the Crew Dragon is the only reusable vehicle that NASA uses to transport astronauts to the space station or return them to Earth. SpaceX in 2014 contract «Commercial crew portability»(CCtCap) to do 6 Signed a space mission with NASA, and the space agency also placed an order in February 3 Presented the Crew Dragon capsule to SpaceX.

However, NASA provided the company with a similar CCtCap contract Boeing Also contracted but the supply of the company’s space vehicle that Starliner It was delayed due to technical problems and did not even reach the test flight stage. This has made it possible for people to fly to the space station to be monopolized by SpaceX.

While SpaceX has completed production of the Crew Dragon, it is still seriously working on developing the next generation of super-heavy launch system. Starship Is. also Ilan Mask The company announced on Twitter that the company plans to have a test flight with its new spacecraft around May, but is still waiting for a license from the Federal Aviation Administration.

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