Spanish mechanic has sued Tesla for compensation: the Model 3 has no quality problems

مکانیک اسپانیایی تسلا را به پرداخت غرامت محکوم کرد: مشکلات کیفی مدل ۳ تمامی ندارد

A Spanish mechanic in a lawsuit against Tesla He won. The mechanic, named Angel Gaitan, filed a lawsuit alleging that Tesla had delivered a defective car to him. According to the court, the American carmaker should now Compensation equal to the price of the car Pay attention to this consistent and daring mechanic.

Angel Gaitan lives in Madrid and is very interested in Tesla products. He has been a Tesla customer since 2013; In 2020, the mechanic decides to buy a Model 3 device. Despite the excitement, Mr. Gaitan’s car is shocking, because Construction quality It did not meet his expectations in any way.


Very poor welding and separation of components, poor assembly of the cabin, long distances in the hood lines and worn wipers are some of the problems that have forced Madrid mechanics to sue Tesla. Of course, before that, Mr. Gaitan contacted Tesla, but Inappropriate answers and ridicule It has made him determined to sue and pursue the matter.


Tesla has not yet made an official response to the incident. The company is said to have defended the Model 3 in court Non-luxury car Has described and dismissed Angel Gaitan’s claims. Of course, this issue was rejected by the court and the judge made the quality and Number of defects available Has declared this brand unacceptable.


In any case, according to the court, the Tesla branch in Spain should € 62,330 Pay attention to Angel Gaitan. This figure is almost equivalent Model 3 price It becomes. Of course, Tesla can appeal, and it looks like it intends to do so. According to El Periodico, the case is unprecedented in Spanish history. Not bad to mention earlier in China A customer has also been able to sue the American carmaker.

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