Specifications and release date of Samsung’s new Galaxy Book Go laptop have been revealed

Specifications and release date of Samsung's new Galaxy Book Go laptop have been revealed

Recently, new images have been published on social networks that, in addition to providing new information about the Galaxy Book Pro laptop, also reveal the specifications of another laptop called the “Galaxy Book Go”.

A few weeks ago, a lot of details were revealed about the new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 laptops. Now, new images of the Galaxy Book Pro have been released that provide more details, but the important point that can be seen in these images is another laptop called the Galaxy Book Go.

The presence of the Galaxy Book in these images for the first time announces the new generation of Snapdragon 8CX chipset, which is Qualcomm’s flagship chipset for PC, which was first introduced in 2018. Some changes were made to the chipset last year, but rumors of a third-generation presence have been circulating for some time. Rumor has it that the new generation will be called Gen.X, although its final name is not yet known.

According to the published image, the new generation of this chip will benefit from up to 10% higher processing processing and 40% higher GPU performance than its first generation. It also looks like the Galaxy Book Go will come with a cheaper Snapdragon 7c chip. The 8cx version of this laptop will have 8 GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 256 GB of storage. But the version that comes with the 7c chip comes with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. This laptop will have a 14-inch screen that supports Full HD resolution.

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Do not miss the other laptop in these pictures, namely the Galaxy Book Pro. The laptop, which looks set to see some changes from last year, will be equipped with an AMOLED display instead of the QLED panel, as previously reported. The laptop also uses the 11th generation of Intel processors (Tiger Lake) in three series: i5, i3 and i7. It will ship with the Nvidia GeForce MX450 GPU and supports some features including LTE and Thunderbolt 4.

Finally, the leaked images state that both laptops are scheduled for release in May.

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