Spencer: Sony is looking to reduce the growth of Xbox and dominate the market of PlayStation

Spencer: Sony is looking to reduce the growth of Xbox and dominate the market of PlayStation

With the FTC complaint of Microsoft The company’s legal and verbal dispute with the opponents of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision entered a new stage, and in the latest comments Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s gaming department, considered Sony to be one of the main opponents of Activision’s contract and transaction.

In this regard, Spencer claimed that Sony is trying to continue the dominance of PlayStation on the console market by reducing the growth of Xbox consoles. He further acknowledged that Sony has a different view of the industry, which is completely opposite to Microsoft’s. Continuing the criticisms raised about Sony, Spencer said that this company does not release games for PC at the same time as the initial release, and they do not even make their games available at the time of release with a gaming subscription.

Legal and verbal conflicts continue over Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. However, considering the size of Activision, the company’s market and wide titles, and being called the third largest video game publisher in the world, Microsoft should have expected such widespread opposition.

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On Thursday last week, the FTC finally announced its complaint to block this deal, and this government body stated that by doing this deal, Microsoft will be able to suppress its commercial competitors and push customers to use the cloud gaming service, Xbox. and push subscription service.

Phil Spencer also announced that Sony is actively leading discussions about why a Microsoft-Activivision deal should not happen, and accused Sony’s Xbox boss of trying to strengthen the PlayStation console’s dominance of the market.

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