Spotify became the top podcasting platform in the United States, surpassing Apple

اسپاتیفای با پیشی گرفتن از اپل، برترین پلتفرم پخش پادکست در آمریکا شد

Spotify’s attempt to become a comprehensive platform for podcasts has been successful, and now the music giant has announced that it has surpassed Apple to become the top podcast service provider in the United States.

At the same time as releasing its third quarter financial report, Spotify announced that it has become the top podcast platform in the world’s largest market. The music player also referred to its internal computational data and research conducted by Edison Research, stating that the results were calculated based on usage rather than downloads.

However, it is not yet clear that Spotify is also the market leader in terms of downloads. In fact, it is not possible to say exactly which company is the main leader in the field of podcasts, because Spotify and Apple do not disclose the exact statistics of their listeners.

Edison Research surveyed podcast users in the second quarter of more than 8,000 weekly podcast users about their listening habits. According to reports, Spotify leads the podcast service with 24% of market users, followed by Apple Podcast and YouTube with 21% and 18%, respectively.

Spotify Announced In the third quarter of this year, it reached 381 million monthly active users and 172 million subscribers, both of which have increased by 19% compared to last year. In addition, the number of hours users have devoted to podcasts in the third quarter of the year has peaked.

Spotify CEO Daniel Eck said during the conference:

We started our adventure three years ago with about 185,000 podcasts in this area. At first, we really had no place compared to the biggest players in the industry. We now have 3.2 million podcasts on our platform, yet its growth rate is over 1500%.

The CEO of Spotify cites the content of this platform and its many new features as factors for success. Recently introduced interactive elements such as surveys and question and answer capabilities have also been mentioned as contributing factors.

Over the past few months, the music streaming service has introduced new tools for podcasts and listeners. Anchor, Spotify podcasting platform, also received interactive features and video podcast support last month.

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