Spotify is testing NFT display capability for artists

اسپاتیفای در حال آزمایش قابلیت نمایش NFT برای هنرمندان است

Spotify Also joined the group of companies that from NFT And apparently this popular music player is testing a new feature for artists To display their irreplaceable tokens (NFT). Testing of this feature has already begun with a bunch of Android users in the US only, and some artists can display their NFTs.

A spokesman for Spotify said in a statement Music Ally said:

Spotify is conducting an experiment in which a small group of artists was helped to promote their NFT collections through their profiles. We typically test new features to enhance the experience of artists and fans. “Some of them will eventually be available to more users, while others will only serve as a form of training.”

Show NFT Artists on Spotify

According to images published by users and news sources of this feature, the NFT Gallery will be available on the first page of the artists, and after clicking on it, a new page will be displayed to display all their collections. Also, it seems that by selecting each of the tokens, another page will be provided to users with a larger preview and a brief explanation about it.

Spotify also uses the “See More” button to direct users to the NFT page in the OpenSea marketplace so that they can purchase it. However, it is clear that this feature is in the early stages of development because there are limitations. For example, all NFTs are displayed as images without sound.

Music Ally went on to explain that Spotify does not receive any commission for selling NFT through its platform and is only trying to integrate it. Also, only some artists now have access to it, including American DJ Steve Aoki.

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