Stagnation of the zero-kilometer car market in the car market on Eid night

Stagnation of the zero-kilometer car market in the car market on Eid night

These days, the recession in the car market has progressed to such an extent that the market is becoming more and more deserted day by day. Despite the increase in supply, demand has declined and most people have given up hoping that cars will become cheaper again. Unlike every year when the Eid night market is booming again, this year there is no trace of the enthusiasm of previous years to buy a car among the people. At the same time, a small number of traders prefer used cars to zero-kilometer models.

The car market these days is more dependent on the foreign exchange market than ever before, and with every fluctuation of the dollar, the price of cars goes up and down. Did not exist.

According to car news, of course, according to market participants, prices are now more stable than in previous months, but given the upcoming political changes in the coming months, it is unlikely that unrest will return to the car market.

However, this slight increase in prices in recent weeks is also the result of hoarding and non-supply of cars by dealers. These days, given the tensions between Iran and the United States, everyone is eyeing the fate of Borjam, and car buyers and sellers are no exception to this rule.

The rise in prices by about five percent in recent weeks was due to the appreciation of the dollar. But now, with the increase in car supply on Eid night and the fall of the dollar again, car prices are expected to fall again by the end of the year.

The first week of March was accompanied by a slight drop for cars in the market compared to February. But experts say that in the last two weeks of March, prices may rise again slightly due to demand for Nowruz travel.

Meanwhile, the import market has been so customerless that it has remained stable and immune to dollar changes. Experts have called for low-volume products to be priced by the automakers themselves, in order to offset some of their losses. However, the Ministry of Silence resists the removal of the Competition Council from the car pricing process.

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