Staring at our own image in the online session app has serious consequences for mental health

خیره شدن به تصویر خودمان در اپ جلسه آنلاین عواقب جدی روی سلامت روان دارد

A group of psychologists conducting research on users Online meeting application And specifically on the program زوم It is said that staring at our own image in this program, especially for female users, can affect mental health, including disorders. eat، Increased anxiety And Depression be influential.

Over the past few years, people around the world have been using video calling apps such as “زوم” And “فیت‌تایم»Has increased sharply. But unlike face-to-face communication, these programs often provide a picture of themselves during the call. This has led to an increase in people looking at their appearance during the day, which can affect mental health.

Recently, psychologists have focused society on the appearance of women and the consequences of this behavior They study, Are focused on the zoom program. While during the coronavirus epidemic people were forced to hold their classes and meetings virtually, the results show that in this case, people’s focus on their appearance increases, which according to new research has a negative impact on mental health, especially women.

Objectivity, objectivism and mental health

Objectification is a common word, but its literal meaning is: to be seen or considered as an object. This issue is often raised in a particular gender – Generally women – In such a way that the body and organs of the body, apart from the personality and existence of the person, are used for propaganda and similar matters.

Not surprisingly, women’s bodies are considered more of an object than men’s bodies. This causes the definitions and beliefs related to women’s physical beauty to change, in other words, to deviate in the long run.

Researchers focus on appearance and sensing Emotional behavior، Believe in yourself And Physiological behaviors They have examined objectivity. Research has shown that being close to a mirror, taking pictures of oneself, and feeling how one’s appearance is evaluated by others all increase objectivity. When you enter a virtual meeting, you are basically doing all these things in one place.

What are the consequences of self-objectification?

Thinking of yourself as an object can lead to changes in your behavior and physical awareness. Research has shown that this issue has a negative impact on mental health in various ways. While both men and women are exposed to this injury, women face more negative consequences.

In a study that year 1998 Researchers have shown that when women wear new swimsuits and see themselves in the mirror, self-objectification causes women to Mathematical problems Have poorer performance.

In addition, wearing a swimsuit causes shame for women who do not look like the models shown in the ads. This reduces women’s self-confidence and successful presence in society.

mental health

In an article that in 2021 Published, showed a high level of self-objectification in women with mental health outcomes including impaired eat، Increased anxiety And Depression it is related.

While we do not have any research available that directly examines the relationship between video conferencing and objectification, recent studies show that there are no serious concerns.

The more women focus on their appearance, the more time they spend making video calls or taking pictures of themselves, and the less satisfied they are with their appearance. Using apps like zoom seems to play a role in facial dissatisfaction.

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