Starlink dishes turn off automatically when they reach a temperature of 50 degrees

دیش‌های استارلینک با رسیدن به دمای ۵۰ درجه به‌طور خودکار خاموش می‌شوند

A user of the Starlink Internet beta service in Arizona, USA, says that when his dish temperature reached about 50 degrees, the device automatically turned off and was out of reach for more than seven hours.

According to the website Ares Technica, Starlink satellite internet service dishes seem to turn off automatically when they reach 50 ° C. A user named Martin, who first noticed this, shared a Starlink service error message on Reddit. The message says that the temperature of the dish has exceeded normal and the device will be available again after cooling.

In contact with Starlink support, Martin finds that the Starlink dish turns off at 50 degrees and turns on again when the temperature drops to 40 degrees. He then tries to cool himself with the help of water. This trick works temporarily but the device shuts down again.

“The problem was temporarily resolved, but when I stopped spraying it, the dish got hot again and was out of reach after a few minutes,” says Martin. The dish started overheating at around 11:30 in the morning and continued until 7 in the evening. Now I want to go to the tool shop to make a canopy for me. “I do not know if this will affect the quality and speed of my internet connection.”

SpaceX announced that the company’s dishes work in the temperature range of minus 30 to positive 50 degrees. Martin speculates that in addition to the top of the dish being heated in the sun, the back of the dish also created this high temperature due to the heat returning from the ground. As a result, he is now thinking of somehow raising the dish off the ground so he can better control the temperature of the machine.

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