Starlink is testing global internet roaming service

Starlink is testing global internet roaming service

Starlink is testing a new satellite internet service, according to a message received by some Starlink users. The new service allows you to connect from anywhere in the world. SpaceX Company The new version of Starlink Internet is the global roaming service is called This service will cost $200 per month in addition to Starlink’s $599 basic kit.

The service uses Starlink intersatellite links (known as space lasers) to provide worldwide service. In its message to users, Starlink notes that you should expect Starlink’s usual high-speed, low-latency service with short periods of poor connectivity or complete disconnection, but this will improve significantly over time.

Starlink global roaming service

Of course, it is not yet clear how Starlink will fulfill its promise of providing internet all over the world. Starlink is still pending approval in various countries including India, Pakistan and Cambodia and is not available in other countries. However, PCMag reports that Starlink is offering global roaming service to some users outside of the company’s coverage areas, such as Greenland.

While Starlink allows users to move satellite internet dishes, it appears that the global roaming service may come with fewer restrictions. For example, Starlink’s $135 RV plan allows users to equip their RV with a Starlink dish. But this plan is available in certain parts of the world and has a lower speed.

Meanwhile, Starlink’s Portability add-on adds an additional $25 per month to the $110 satellite Internet subscription. In addition, it allows users to take the dish to different places within their home continent. Not to mention, if the user spends a lot of time away from home, SpaceX will require him to change his home address. SpaceX also offers the Maritime plan for $5,000 per month. This plan enables internet access at sea.

Just like the RV plan, users can stop the global roaming service at any time. We still don’t know if Starlink will give priority internet access to users who sign up for this plan. As Starlink points out, users outside the US should ensure that the kit complies with local laws and regulations in their country. They must also pay customs duties and import taxes.

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