Starlink satellite internet has 150,000 daily users in Ukraine

اینترنت ماهواره‌ای استارلینک 150 هزار کاربر روزانه در اوکراین دارد

Satellite Internet, according to a tweet from a senior Ukrainian official Starlink For citizens who are in the aftermath of the war Ukraine The remnants are vital. According to Mikhail Fedorov Deputy Prime Minister, a service provided by the Rocket Launch Company Ilan Mask that’s mean SpaceX Provided daily approx 150000 User in Ukraine.

According to NewsFedorov, who is also the head of “Ministry of Digital Tradition“This technology is vital to supporting the infrastructure and rebuilding the devastated areas of the country, and Ukraine will remain connected no matter what happens,” he said.

Starlink is a network of private orbiting satellites aimed at providing Internet connectivity to all inhabitants of the planet. Prototypes of the project’s satellites per year 2018 They entered the circuit and then about 2000 Other satellites joined the series during several launches.

Other information about the presence of Starlink system in Ukraine

Only a few days from the start Russia-Ukraine war It was not long before the Starlink terminals were sent to Ukraine in response to Fedorov’s request. Meanwhile, Ilan Musk confirmed the use of this system in Ukraine and announced that more terminals will be sent to this country.

However, Mask warned Ukrainian users of the Starlink system to be careful when using the system, as they may be targeted by Russian forces seeking to disrupt communications systems.

According to reports Washington The cost of sending the Starlink system to Ukraine and providing Internet services to that country is provided by the US government. This cost $ 3 million From the taxes of American citizens provided and spent on shopping 1500 Starlink terminals that each $ 1,500 They have a price. also 800,000 thousand dollars This amount is also spent on the transfer of equipment to the territory of Ukraine.

Of course, in addition to these 1,500 terminals purchased and shipped by the US government, SpaceX also 3670 The terminal donated the Internet service to the Ukrainian government. Thus the Ukrainian government has so far little more than 5000 Received Starlink terminal from SpaceX.

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