Starlink satellite internet opens to Africa; Obtain a license in Mozambique and Nigeria

پای اینترنت ماهواره‌ای استارلینک به آفریقا باز می‌شود؛ دریافت مجوز در موزامبیک و نیجریه

The number of satellite internet users is increasing day by day Starlink Will be added and this service will reach more countries. Now SpaceX CEO Ilan Musk has announced that Starlink Africa Starts operations and two African countries Nigeria And Mozambique They have confirmed it.

A few days ago, Ilan Mask responded to a tweet Announced Starlink will go to Africa and the first countries to receive this service will be announced soon. According to the richest man in the world, Starlink will provide services in all parts of the world, provided it obtains the necessary permits from the target countries.

Starlink is now over 30 countries The world is functioning and it is legally approved. Now, according to Ilan Musk, two African countries have approved the SpaceX satellite internet service.

Starlink opens its doors to Africa

Ilan Mask in New tweets Starlink has been approved in Nigeria and Mozambique. Given this, users in these countries are likely to soon SpaceX satellite internet Are accessed.

Starlink has been working since 2021 on its service in Africa, especially Nigeria. Last May, SpaceX sent representatives to Nigeria to talk to the country’s communications regulator about obtaining a service license. It is now clear that the Nigerian regulator has licensed SpaceX.

According to local reports, this license a decade It is valid and will start its validity from May 2022. So Starlink can operate in Nigeria for many years, provided it can create a good market for itself due to its high costs.

Starlink satellite internet service is expensive. Pre-purchase and monthly cost of this service $ 110 And also users must purchase its complete kit $ 599 To spend. Therefore, the cost of this service is high even for the average citizen of Nigeria and Mozambique. So we have to wait and see how Starlink performs in Africa.

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