Startup Ample fully charges electric cars in 10 minutes

Startup Ample fully charges electric cars in 10 minutes

Starter Ample has launched an electric car charging network that can fully charge electric vehicles in less than a decade.

This is a startup that was able to establish itself thanks to its cooperation with Uber Support, Is currently commissioning a vehicle to charge San Francisco’s public transportation services and intends to revolutionize the production of electronic vehicle infrastructure.

In the method provided by this startup, the company focuses on battery replacement technology instead of charging existing batteries. Startup CEO Khaled Hassouneh likened the system to “Lego blocks.” To this end, Ample is in talks with major electric vehicle companies to adapt its facilities to their vehicles.

The concept of this system is quite modular; This means that larger cars can accommodate more battery modules, while smaller cars require fewer batteries. This system is completely autonomous and customers will interact with it using the mobile application.

The overall goal of this startup is to eliminate the limited range challenge of electric vehicles. Also, the startup Ample is trying to bring the price of electric cars to its balanced and reasonable price. The startup’s chairman, John de Souza, had previously said in an interview that electric cars should be available to buyers at a lower price because they are more stable than fossil fuel-based models and do less damage to the environment.

The company has only built two stations in San Francisco so far, but plans to build several more in other major California cities. It is unclear at this time whether this will make most existing electric vehicles, including Tesla vehicles, compatible with Ample infrastructure. This startup still needs to prove more to fully realize its decision.

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