Startup Nobar unveiled its intercity furniture service

Startup Nobar unveiled its intercity furniture service

After 3 years of operation, Startup Nobar for the first time published details of its performance report last year. Simultaneously with the publication of this report, the company has unveiled its new service called “Intercity Furniture”. This feature has been added to the services after the request of the big companies of the country by the development team of this collection and can be used by everyone.

According to Nobar Performance Report, the latest estimates show a 3% increase in Nobar market share in its area of ​​activity, with an average monthly order growth of 60% last year. “Users have reached.”

Educating drivers and workers about the need to maintain respect for the customer and how the application works, along with increasing the accuracy of the intelligent system in calculating the cost, has been one of the cases of new development this year. These successes are due to the start-up capital of this startup last year and, by its nature, the development of the executive team.

“From the beginning of the initial idea of ​​Nobar, we did a lot of research to extract the most significant problem or concern of the people in the relocation process,” said Parham Ghobadi, the founder of Nobar startup. He claims that after examining the conditions and designing the programming process, they have finally succeeded in making the furniture process intelligent for the first time in the world.

According to Ghobadi, now after about 3 years of effort and thanks to the design of a simple user interface and continuous increase in the accuracy of the intelligent system, if the user enters the exact information of the device; The whole process will be online: “All ancillary costs, including bonuses and overtime hours, will be calculated with maximum accuracy and there will be no need to pay more than the final invoice in Rials.”

Nobar application calculates the cost of services based on key and effective information of users such as origin and destination of movement, number of building floors, amount, type and volume of furniture and time required until the end of the order process, final invoice and vehicle information (truck , Van and Nissan) to be provided to the user along with the team and the number of workers.

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