Steve Wozniak: Elon Musk stole my family’s money

Steve Wozniak: Elon Musk stole my family's money

People’s views on Elon Musk can be summed up in two ways, the first group are those who love him and praise all his work, the second group are those who hate him and consider him a super charlatan. Steve Wozniak seems to be closer to the latter group. Steve Wozniak, who is actually one of the founders of Apple, He said in this regard, that Musk and Tesla stole his family’s money due to false claims about the electric car company’s self-driving technology. “When you look at Elon Musk and Tesla, a lot of integrity is lost,” Wozniak said.

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Elon Musk is not at the same level as Steve Jobs

In an interview Thursday on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Wozniak told Andrew Ross Sorkin that Musk has a lot in common with his late friend Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, though he believes Musk is nowhere near as entrepreneurship. Not Steve Jobs. In fact, this similarity is more in terms of some personality traits of the two. Wozniak said:

“I put them in the category of being able to communicate and wanting to be seen as important and like a cult leader.” Emphasizing that she sees this as a bad thing, Wozniak added: “A lot of people follow them without paying attention to what they say and go beyond being judged. A lot of cults are like that.”

Elon Musk's dishonesty

Wozniak said his life has been based on complete honesty, a description he believes could not be applied to Musk. Wozniak said:

“When you look at Elon Musk and Tesla, a lot of integrity is lost. They stole a lot of money from my family, me and my wife. […] With what they said, we really believed that {their claims} were true.

Wozniak was referring to a Tesla car he upgraded in 2016 — when Tesla first offered fully self-driving (FSD) in beta — after Musk said the car would be able to drive across the country by the end of that year.

Wozniak and his wife then spent $50,000 to upgrade another vehicle with eight more cameras and sensors, which the CEO says will allow it to travel from east to west America without driver intervention by the end of 2017. But Wozniak says self-driving car capabilities are still there. Far from what Musk had promised. “It always goes wrong,” he said. It’s a terrible and scary experience.”

Wozniak said he admires a few things about Musk, including the way he has accelerated the transition from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles in the auto industry. But he doesn’t appreciate his misleading and dishonest marketing plan. Does it include Steve Jobs, who did not have a very good reputation, in the same category? Well, he says that:

“Steve Jobs wasn’t really that dishonest. But he said things differently […] That only has a way to get you. But really {his words} were not so wrong. You didn’t buy something thinking you’d get an ‘A’ but you didn’t.”

Wozniak appears to have been one of thousands of customers affected by Tesla’s 2016 ad touting its automated driver assistance system, which featured features including the ability to stop at a red light and move on as soon as the light turns green. has exhibited becoming. Ashok Elluswamy, director of Tesla’s Autopilot software, last month He admitted that the video was staged.

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Despite all this, Tesla managed in 2018 to settle a lawsuit between it and a group of customers who claimed that Tesla’s semi-autonomous driver assistance system was “essentially unusable and dangerous”.

What do you think about Elon Musk? Do you consider him a genius in the current era who has been able to revolutionize the automotive industry, space travel, artificial intelligence, robots and medicine, or a fraud who only knows how to attract capital and customers by using his abilities to communicate and induce his desires. . Share your opinion with us.

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