Stop producing the Corona Johnson ‌ and Johnson vaccine following a blood clot

Stop producing the Corona Johnson ‌ and Johnson vaccine following a blood clot

Production of the vaccine was suspended until further notice following reports of rare blood clots from the Corona Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Also, all vaccines produced will be quarantined and will not be used for vaccination.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee is scheduled for Friday on the final fate of the Corona Johnson & Johnson vaccine Make decisions. The US Food and Drug Administration last week stopped vaccination following a blood clot in six people due to the Corona Johnson and Johnson vaccines. According to investigations conducted over the past few days, the final decision of the FDA inspection committee and related bodies is to temporarily shut down the Johnson & Johnson vaccine production line and quarantine all vaccines produced by the company.

This is not the first time Johnson and Johnson have been in a difficult situation. A few weeks ago, about 15 million doses of the company’s corona vaccine were destroyed due to infection. The United States, South Africa and the European Union have stopped injecting the vaccine since last week, following reports of blood clots in some recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Vaccine distribution in the European Union has also stopped over the past week

Now, with the closure of the production line and the quarantine of the vaccines produced, very difficult conditions have arisen for Johnson and Johnson. Last week, Johnson & Johnson asked other companies to make the corona vaccine to find a solution to the blood clotting problem, but was denied by Pfizer and Moderna.

At the same time as the Astrazenka vaccination began, there were cases of blood clots among those receiving the vaccine, to the point that some European countries stopped injecting the vaccine and others imposed restrictions on injecting it into young age groups.

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