Stop selling the official Windows 10 license by Microsoft on February 11

Stop selling the official Windows 10 license by Microsoft on February 11

Windows 10 is still one of the most popular desktop operating systems and has more users than Windows 11, but Microsoft in its latest efforts to encourage people and organizations to use Windows 11. Selling the official Windows 10 license on January 31 And it will stop in about two weeks for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Workstation editions.

In this announcement, it is emphasized that despite the stop of download and supply of official license of Windows, this operating system will also receive security updates until October 2025. In this regard, Microsoft charges $139 for the legal license of Windows 10 Home version, $199 for the Pro version and $309 for the Pro Workstations version, and as mentioned, this sale is supposed to stop on January 31.

Windows 10 license sale

However, the amounts are only for digital downloads made directly from Microsoft’s site, and OEMs will likely still be able to obtain Windows 10 licenses.

In this regard, it is reported that there are a number of other retail stores that sell physical and downloadable versions of Windows, and some other sites also provide product activation keys at a lower price.

Windows 10 license sale

However, stopping the official and independent sales of this Windows by Microsoft will affect the overall sales of this version of Windows in the long run. According to Steam survey, Windows 10 is still the most popular operating system of this platform and has almost twice as many users as Windows 11. However, the growth process of Windows 11 has been fast in the last one or two years and we can probably expect it to exceed Windows 10 in the next two or three years.

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  • Releasing the first Windows update in 2023 and fixing 98 security issues

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