Stop using Chinese chips completely in Dell products in the near future

Stop using Chinese chips completely in Dell products in the near future

in the latest news It has been revealed that Dell plans to release its products from 2024 onwards without using Chinese chips due to concerns about relations between China and the United States. However, it is not clear that Dell will be able to replace all the chips produced by Chinese companies such as SMIC and Hua Hong with a similar or better design in this one year, and the issue of the final impact on the price is another point mentioned in this regard.

Dell’s ultimate goal in this regard is to stop using all chips made in China in its products by 2024, and according to reports, the company told its suppliers late last year that it plans to use ICs. Reduce sugar extensively in your products.

According to reports, Dell, the third largest manufacturer of PCs and personal computers, wants to avoid chips produced by Chinese companies in its products, and in this regard, there are several reasons for not using these chips. First of all, like other technology and chip manufacturing companies, Dell is looking to diversify its parts supply chain.

Dell use Chinese chip

Another reason could be the possible decision of American lawmakers in the near future to cancel the use of devices that use Chinese-made chips in the country’s government offices. This case has not yet been implemented by the US government, but considering that Dell is one of the main suppliers of computer parts for use by the US government, this company is considering one of its largest customers if the plan to ban the use of chips is approved and implemented. keep the Chinese happy.

China-based chipmakers such as SMIC and Hua Hong produce relatively simple chips such as display driver ICs (DDICs), power management ICs (PMICs), and various microcontroller units (MCUs) for a variety of personal computers, displays, keyboards, mice, and other products and applications. they do.

Meanwhile, companies such as Samsung and SK Hynix produce 3D NAND and DRAM chips in their factories in China, while Micron, another major memory chip manufacturer in China, has a product testing and packaging facility. Dell, however, did not confirm plans to replace Chinese-made chips in its products by 2024, but said it is continuously looking at diversifying its supply chain around the world.

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