Strange GAC Time concept introduced; The fourth level of car technology in a super aerodynamic vehicle

کانسپت عجیب GAC Time معرفی شد؛ سطح چهارم فناوری خودران در خودرویی فوق آیرودینامیک

Chinese company GAC Last year at the Guangzhou Auto Show of a car concept Ultra-modern unveiled called Time. At that time, the company had only published preliminary plans and general information. But now, in the past few months, the company has provided more images and details of the concept to the media, based on which A super aerodynamic vehicle And we are equipped with the fourth level of car technology.

GAC Time concept It belongs to the category of luxury all-electric sedans. In designing this concept car based on Aerodynamics Special emphasis is placed on the company’s future products with a similar shape and image. GAC company from the design style of this concept called “Sword tear” remembers.

GAC Time concept

As you can see in the attached images, the GAC Time concept is like a form Drops has it. In different parts of the body, there are no traces of sharp lines and exaggerated volumes, and all the panels Smooth structure have. In this car, the hood is designed very short and the windshield is attached to it with a gentle slope. Following these two, the roof also extends to the end of the car with a beautiful arch. Generally In terms of room form Similarities can be seen between the GAC Time and the Hyundai Prophecy concept, as well as some models in the Benz EQ series.

GAC Time concept

The efforts of Chinese engineers have led to the GAC Time concept Aerodynamic coefficient Equal to 0.191 Cd Have. Although this figure is an ideal record, but Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept With a drag coefficient of 0.17 Cd is in a better position. Of course, it is not bad to mention this issue. In 2019, GAC introduced a concept called ENO.146, whose aerodynamic coefficient was only 0.146 Cd.

GAC Time concept

From Interesting points The GAC Time concept includes wheel hubs, rotating LED headlights and special LED rear lights. At the same time, the big doors of this concept open in the opposite direction. When part of the roof is opened, access to the cabin is as easy as possible.


Fan Zhang, director of GAC interior design department, made the Time concept a Movable living room Describes where technology is available and beautiful in front of the eyes. According to him in the design of this section designers from Klein bottle And Mobius bar They are inspired.

GAC Time concept

In this concept car, the driver’s seat is mounted on what looks like a small pond. The steering wheel, like the new Tesla steering wheel, has a special shape and on the back of one OLED display Used to provide the information required by the driver. The display of the infotainment system is also standing and suspended.

GAC Time concept

Rear seat GAC Time Concept Rule one sofa Has. This sofa is connected to the dashboard via a curved line. Part of the windows of this concept car with Curtains taken from modern architecture It has a semi-closed structure. The use of white coating in combination with wooden decorations, golden components and purple lighting, has given a very special effect to this concept.

GAC Time concept

Noisy Chinese company that Intention to enter the US market Has not mentioned anything about the technical specifications. Suffice it to say that Time’s platform uses an electric vehicle platform. In addition, the GAC claims that the Time Concept The fourth level of car technology It is equipped.

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