Studio 343’s commitment to developing Halo games despite layoffs

Studio 343's commitment to developing Halo games despite layoffs

Microsoft and other major tech companies have recently laid off some of their workforces, but the layoffs at Microsoft, especially in the gaming division and at Studio 343, have led to a lot of criticism regarding the future of the Halo series, however. 343 Industries studio in the latest news It has recently confirmed its commitment to developing the Halo series despite recent problems.

Microsoft has recently laid off nearly 4 percent of its 220,000 workforce, which equates to 10,000 people, and a report from Bloomberg shows that Hilo developer studio and even its senior executives have been affected by the layoffs. . The same news also led to some speculations about the future of the Halo game series and the developer studio’s commitment to it, so that some rumors indicated the possible lack of development of this series in the future by Studio 343.

Studio 343 Halo Commitment

However, the studio directly denied the rumors in a statement on Saturday. They announced in this statement that Halo and Master Chief (the main and popular character of this game series) are popular and stable in this studio, and this gaming studio will continue to develop the Halo game series now and also in the future, and the epic stories and It will also bring multiplayer gameplay to fans in the future.

However, the previous version of this game, Halo Infinite, experienced development problems and the game faced various delays and changes until its release in December 2021. Even before the news of this week’s layoffs, 343 Industries has seen a number of senior departures in the recent past, including creative director of multiplayer, director of engineering and Bonnie Ross, who was the studio’s head for 15 years.

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